A younger you in 14 days

two faces showing ageing lines

Age catching up to you? Try these surgery-free tricks and reveal a younger, more vibrant you in just fourteen days!

Growing old is inevitable. Looking and feeling old is not. Here’s how to regain your youth and wipe 10 years off your appearance...

Get a full body massage!
Don’t think of it as an extravagance only. Instead, consider the significant health benefits attached to a good and thorough kneading. Besides the physical advantages like improved circulation, a drop-in stress levels and an increase in flexibility, massage therapy also boasts impressive psychological and emotional rewards that leave you feeling – and looking – your best.

Get a new hairstyle!
A flattering haircut is not only great aesthetically, but getting a new look will boost your confidence and up your self-esteem too. Take years off your appearance by avoiding lengthy locks and opting for a style just above your shoulders instead.

Get that timeless beauty thing going!
Did you know that wearing the wrong shade of lipstick is an instant ager? As is over-plucked, too thin eyebrows. For a more youthful look, ditch the dark colours and opt, instead, for lighter hues with a tinge of clear gloss. And a simple eyebrow fix? Grow them out and have them done professionally - maintaining the shape is easy if you stick to the rule of only removing stray hairs!

Get 8 hours’ sleep!
It can’t be stressed enough! Battle with insomnia? Try swapping your evening java for a calming cup of chamomile or rooibos tea because if truth be told, there are few things in this world that age you more than a poor night’s sleep.

Get your diet right!
A diet that is fuelled by healthy choices can be your greatest aide when it comes to retaining your youth and looking your best. It’s also important to bear in mind that as you grow older, your body has different nutritional needs.

May these tips help you and if you ahve any more please feel free to let us know below. Take care!

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