How can a Sauna change your life?

Saunas are often misunderstood and their true power has been hidden for decades and for a long time I believed that the only value of going into the sauna was to detox, to sweat out all my toxins and to get rid of excess water retention.

Picture of a sauna

I was suffering in Saunas for decades and there are often so many philosophies that are pro sauna and there are also schools that warn against the dry air and the damage to the skin.

So I recently visited a Nordic country and was surprised to see the amount of public saunas and how often they are used in certain parts of Europe. What also interested me was that just outside the saunas were ice-cold pools of water.

Certainly this could not be healthy? To dry out and then freeze to 0 degrees in less than 10 minutes?

So the Estonians taught me a beautiful thing and that is that our bodies were designed to fight Bacteria and Viruses. So they do this by raising the body temperature. We know this as Fever.

So next time you have a slight fever don’t be too eager to break the Fever instantly. It might be wise to leave the body to build anti-bodies to fight the foreign attacks it is experiencing.

When you enter the Sauna, your body is experiencing high temperatures. The bodies’ temperature will rise and a fever is imitated. This means that the fighting mechanism is at work and our immune system starts to work, forming anti-bodies.

Then jumping into an ice-cold pool is great for the blood circulation and also cools down the body instantly. Again the process is repeated. A fever is imitated; your body will experience a high temperature and start building anti-bodies.

So why not visit your sauna every time you go to your local gym? They are normally free of charge and you might even be able to take with your favorite Oil Blend. We recommend the Elim Argan Body Gloss with Argan, Calendula, Rosehip and 6 more top quality oils.

We trust this serves as valuable information to start building your immune system the easy and healthy way.

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