Paying it forward in your salon or spa

Eating is obviously something we all do and today we are eating out more than ever before. I try to explain that to my children who are nearly teenagers and it is such a foreign concept to them that you would only dine out on Birthdays and Mother’s Day. For some reason we never spent that money on Father’s Day. I think it might have something to do with the value of eating dinner at home vs the lawn being mowed...

We live in this beautiful Sharing Environment where most of us understand the power of giving. We are all familiar with the great feeling it gives us.

Eating out again a few nights ago…I came across this black board at a restaurant and thought of us, the Beauty Industry and how we could implement this to improve business.

Sign outside a salon

Your database is your most powerful asset and to grow your database we have traditionally been using things like Groupon or aggressive advertising. Or we ask for an email address without giving anything back to the client.

A leave us your email sign

I would love to see the effect when you offer a free brow wax with every treatment in return for joining your email database.

PS: i suppose if waxing is not an option you can always offer a 10 min foot massage added to each treatment.

Enjoy giving!

This article proudly written by Shantelle Booysen from Elim Spa Products.

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