Sexy summer legs

Picture of sexy legs

This happens to every woman… months of cold weather - then body skin neglect and then a sunny day or special occasion that calls for sexy summer legs on display. And you’re just not ready...

Well, don’t freak out, here’s what you do!

Please don’t underestimate the power of a good body scrub and lotion... most spend more time and money on faces than they do on bodies. And sometimes the best medicine for dull-looking skin is simply to commit to proper body hydration. For instance, if your darker skin tone doesn't need a tan, but does need a break from ashy-looking color, a good exfoliation in the shower and then regular morning and evening body lotion should do the trick.

Tip: Try invest in a bottle of aerosol mist-on fake tan… this type of faux glow absorbs quickly and you’re able to see where you've sprayed and where you still need to add some color.

Another beauty tip: Covering up any bites and blemishes - Marks on your legs will make you feel self-conscious in your little number, trust us, no one likes it. Simply just use a full-coverage concealer and tap it into the marked areas with your ring finger (start at the centre of the blemish and work outwards).

Then for the ladies that work out… create the illusion of leaner legs. Give your treadmill sessions some help with a gold-tinted shimmer lotion. Applied to key spots on your legs that is. Streak this product down the middle of your quads, shins and center of your calves to create the illusion of sculpted sexy legs. Grr!

We hope that helps and feel free to see more interesting articles in our beauty blog and if you have some beauty tips and advise... drop us a mail or give us a shout on our Facebook page. Be safe with those sexy summer legs!

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