The spa checklist


Do you find yourself wondering at times if you are getting pampered the right way at a Spa? Your trip to the spa should be so heavenly and you’re quite entitled to be fussy about the place by the way. You are after all paying top dollars for an unforgettable experience.

So Dr Nadine de Freitas, executive director of the South African Spa Association, recommends taking a tour before you book an appointment… and also a few tips to check that your spa meets the right criteria:

Are the rooms private?

You don’t want to be getting a bikini wax in a room with walls that don’t reach the ceiling. Nor do you want to walk past the men’s room wearing an itty-bitty bathrobe.

Is it clean?

The facial and massage areas should be well scrubbed, well-lit and ventilated. “If used towels, tissues or robes are lying around, this is not the spa for you,” says De Freitas.

Are the staff attentive?

“If the spa is trying to juggle too many clients at once, you may not get the attention you deserve or have paid for…” says De Freitas. Likewise, be wary if employees are standing around and apparently doing nothing. “They should be tending to clients or preparing rooms for the next visitor.”

Is it quiet?

It’s hard to relax fully when you can hear others talking and buzzing around in other rooms and in the reception area… and not to mention the howls of a first-time wax. Usually most spas and salons will play relaxing tunes and if yours sounds like a night club… then it also isn’t the spa for you.

Are there plenty of amenities?

A good day spa will have relaxation rooms with big comfy chairs, magazines and a herbal-tea bar that you can visit before, after or between treatments. Some also offer hot tubs, saunas and showers for the ultimate experience.

We hope these few times on your checklist will help you get the most out of any relaxing spa experience. If you have more, please feel free to comment below. Also please pop past our Facebook & Twitter page and engage with us there too. Need to find a beauty salon near you? Take care and be blessed.

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