5 things you never knew about your brows.

a lady plucking her brows with tweezers

We came across a brow presentation by Jozi-based brow grooming expert Gillian Lentin of BrowXpress and learnt some very cool new facts and tips. So, next time you're in front of the mirror, tweezers in hand, have a think about these things...

Why do we have brows?

"Brows protect our eyes from the moisture rolling off our forehead," explains Lentin. Did you know that each of your brows has 720 hairs and that these hairs will actually change over time?

What’s the latest 'look' for brows?

"Think of it this way – there's no one hairstyle for everyone, so there's no one brow style for everyone," says Lentin. "The trick is to find the best frame for you rather than follow a trend."

Why is brow-shaping often so hard to get right?

If you want a new shape better suited to you, go to a brow technician. "The trick is to create an 'emotional' eyebrow. Don't think 'there's hair so I must tweeze' because removing just one hair can create a hole."

What technique creates a better look? Waxing or threading?

There is no right or wrong answer here. As Lentin explains, it's all about finding the best expert for the job. "It's about finding the best technician to perform the best job rather than thinking one technique is better than the other."

Is it a no-no to remove the hairs on the top of my brows?

"Unwanted hair is unwanted hair," says Lentin. So, this brow "rule" isn't something to live by but removing hair above your brows should be done with caution. I recommend having an expert assess the hair in this area first and show you how much is going to be removed before he or she applies the wax or starts to thread.

Good luck with your row shaping and tweezing and remember to comment below if you have any questions or tips for the rest of us. Please also pop past our Facebook and Twitter page, lets engage!

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