Fringe cutting tips

Toying with the idea of cutting yourself a fringe? Get some expert advice first.

If your fringe is in your eyes and you have no time to see a stylist, is the only time to ever trim your fringe by yourself.

Leave fringe thinning, thickening, layering, or shape-changing to the professionals.

How to trim your fringe.
a girl with a long fringe1: Start by pulling your hair back off your face and securing it with hair elastic or clips, leaving your fringe out.

2: Spritz your fringe liberally with water, and blow-dry and straighten it. Don't ever trim your fringe when it's wet.

3: Find a pair of sharp scissors. A smallish pair with a sharp blade is best for trimming; cuticle scissors re ideal. You don't want to use a pair of kitchen scissors that cut paper, cloth, and cardboard, these will be too dull to clip hair well.

4: Divide your fringe into three horizontal sections.

5: Take the first, section (the one closest to your forehead), comb it neatly, and holding a pair of sharp scissors (about four to five inches in length) at a 45 degree angle, scissor point cut into the hair (i.e. don't cut straight across your fringe, instead chip into small sections).

Do the middle first, and then work outwards so it won't look too blunt and severe.

Repeat with the second section of your fringe, using the length of the first as a guide. When you're finished, do again with the final section.

6: If you have a side fringe, this technique will also work. Always cut off less than you think you need to, you can always go back and take more off later.

7: When finished let your fringe fall naturally and style it the way you wish. Make sure they look even and clean up any extra long pieces you may have missed.

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