Summer hair tips

a lady grabbing her hair

Dull and lifeless locks? Follow our summer hair care tips and keep your tresses looking - and feeling - it’s best!

On your marks!
Texture and shine are your two summer hair essentials. Before you leave for your holiday, schedule an appointment with the hairdresser for a rinse-out color that won't show re-growth. The color pigment will coat your hair, making it more shiny and manageable.

If it's texture you're after, high- or low-lights will break up solid color and add volume. A few layers are another option rough-dry for a shaggy look or blow-dry sleek for a longer, more sophisticated finish.

Handle with care!
Products that suit your hair type are particularly important when you spend a lot of time in the sun. Harsh elements and regular swimming can leave your hair in a post-holiday frazzled mess – the only solution will be to cut it. Don't over wash; use shampoo every other day, but rinse well and condition every day to keep your hair manageable and looking good.

A deep-conditioning treatment such as a hair mask, hot oil treatment or leave-in conditioner to bump up the moisture will keep your locks looking lovely all summer long.

Frizzless and fuss-free.
A good holiday means not having to stress about anything, including your hair. Use effective styling products to control beach-induced frizz and to make styling a breeze.

Try these gentle and simple solutions:

  • Use a leave-in treatment and comb your hair back into a low chignon for a sleek beach look... and it conditions as well.
  • Have fun with your hair even when you're trying to control it. By adding a simple accessory, you can change your regular, nine-to-five hair into a style that says "holiday".
  • Avoid bands that damage your hair. Rather use a clip or a scarf that has a soft hold and looks pretty.
  • Wear a hat. It protects your skin and hair, and it's a wonderful accessory.

If you have any more tips for the rest of us, please comment below and let us know. Also please visit our social pages to engage even further! Be blessed!

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