5 makeup tricks that work

a woman with intense eyeshadow

Inject a little va-va-voom into your usual makeup routine with these easy-to-ace makeup tricks...

Dewy Skin.
If the look you're aiming for is dewy rather than matte made-up skin (and dewy foundation always looks healthy and natural), go easy on the face powder. In fact, hold off completely. We suggest using an ivory highlighter on your cheekbones for gorgeous glow.

Intense Eye Shadow.
If your eye shadow color is falling a little flat, bump up its intensity by dusting it under your eyes too, using a flat brush.

Even-Toned Under Eyes.
Sometimes dark under eye circles are hard to hide, so try using a concealer one or two shades lighter than your foundation.

Fuller Lips.
Thin lips will instantly look plumped up by one simple lip makeup step: Just add gloss. Once you've applied your lip color, add a slick of gloss (clear or in the same color as your lipstick to intensify the color).

Beautiful Hands
Treat your nails the same way you treat your skin. The best way to do this is to apply cuticle oil as much as you would apply face cream. You'll also find this trick helps keep your manicure looking gorgeous.

We hope these 5 makeup tricks help you out and if you have more feel free to let us know below.

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