Fabulous makeup tricks!

a woman with red lips

Check out these fab beauty tips...

Let's face it:
 The summer sun is now out and giving you all the heat but none of your deserved color. You don't need to deep-fry your skin for that summer glow you know... Your best bet for a bronzed canvas is a high quality bronzer in a bottle.
Try: Tropitone Spray from clicks or Pick n Pay.

The most glamorous gals have been rockin' red lips throughout the ages... you want to know how?

If you have small, thin lips stay away from dark lipsticks, which will only make your lips look smaller. If you have darker skin, a deep-red lipstick with a burgundy tone will be perfect for you.

You have a very fair complexion? Look for a red with a pink tint to it.

Frizzy hair is a fail. To keep hair glamorous, deep condition it weekly during summer as the humid weather can cause frizziness.

Well-groomed eyebrows flatter the face without a doubt but there is a thin line between robust, unruly brows and over-plucked unnatural brows ladies.

The secret to achieving elegant arches is to brush brows using a clear mascara or spritz hairspray on a toothbrush to comb through.
When shaping, following the natural form of your brow.

Here’s an 'eighties' look that is making a comeback: swap your basic black or brown eyeliner for a vibrant peacock shade. Be daring, or add just a dab; either way, the results are dazzling.

Sweep ivory shadow from the lash line to the brow bone. Using an eyeliner brush, apply blue liner along the entire upper lash line, flicking it up and out at the outer edge of the eye. Keep the look fresh with a light peachy-pink blush and a neutral-toned lipstick.

Any more tricks you might now of? Let us know! Good luck and stay fabulous!

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