Flawless skin with mineral makeup

a makeup brush

The difference between traditional makeup and mineral makeup is one that cannot be denied. Mineral makeup has revolutionized the makeup market and it is not leaving anytime soon. So no matter what your level of skill in applying it, you will benefit from further teaching, practice and the tips available here.

When you first acquire mineral makeup, you will have several choices to learn the basics of applying it. Some retailers of mineral makeup even have videos or written detailed instructions available at the time of your purchase. At the very least, the retail person should spend some time with you giving you a little one on one lesson. You need to pay attention as this is the foundation for the use of what many consider the best makeup available.

The tool of the trade? Your brushes!
Different forms of mineral makeup require different brushes and these brushes are the only way to effectively apply mineral makeup. The most basic of brushes for our purposes is the foundation brush, sometimes called a kabuki brush. It is primarily used for foundation application.

This kind of brush has proven to be the best when applying mineral makeup with foundation. These are like the power and blush brushes but have shorter handles and firmer bristles. The idea behind a short handle is that the mineral makeup must be applied with a buffing sort of motion and is easier to hold and move and at the same time has a fuller brush head to encourage coverage that is more even.

Depending on how much coverage you need with concealer you can either use your fingers for maximum coverage or if less coverage is needed a concealer brush can be used. This brush is usually used for under the eyes when dark circles need to be covered. One more possibility for use with concealer is a lip brush for blemishes because it has a shorter brush and is slightly tapered at the tip that will offer maximum concealer coverage.

With some mineral makeup the brushes will come included with the makeup but the quality of these brushes is sometimes in question and you may have to end up buying a higher quality brush if you want the best application of mineral makeup. The brushes are at least 50% responsible for the result. There are even times when a lesser quality makeup can be applied with a higher quality brush with similar results as the use of high end makeup but to be sure you need to have the best of both.

The application technique.

First a few words of caution:

Because of the nature of mineral makeup is that of power you may tend to think of it like a loose powder when in fact it should be considered more like a foundation. It needs to be applied in moderation then you can build on that foundation for the look that you are after.

Here are 4 steps to flawless skin with mineral makeup:

  1. Put some powder in a tissue first. Remember a little goes a long way.
  2. Lightly tap the foundation brush (Kabuki) in the powder. Turn the brush and pickup the powder that way. Once it is into the brush and not on it, you are ready to go.
  3. Lightly smooth the brush on your skin by starting near the center of your forehead and in a 'whishing' motion slowly moving out to the edge of your face.
  4. This technique should be repeated over the entire face but be careful not to use too much power. Remember a little goes a long way. This technique is what makes for the look of a flawless complexion.

Although these tips are only the beginning stages of becoming a real pro they can be used to build upon the foundation that no doubt was available to you when you first purchased your mineral makeup. Keep learning and soon you will have that perfect look that is you. Let us know in teh comments section below of your expereince and perhaps if you ahve any tips for us. Good luck!

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