Hands and classic cars

Whether you are a handyman, fashion avoider or fashion aficionado, you will make a better impression when your hands are worth showing off.  It won’t matter whether you are in macho workman’s clothes or designer labels, beautiful hands are noticed.

Holding hands

Yes, ‘clothes do maketh the man’ as Shakespeare said, but to sustain that good impression, the rest of your personal grooming is just as important. But you already knew that! I just thought I would remind you that while you are at Skin Renewal for your monthly pamper, it is certainly worth considering giving your hands a special treat as well.

Anyway, this aging thing is really not cool and reading all the blah-blah in so many different magazines, the bottom line is short and sweet. You should start looking after yourself, especially your skin, face, neck and hands from your twenties onwards to be able to reap the benefits later on. It’s like looking after your most precious car, or any prized possession for that matter - good maintenance and lots of TLC will keep that prized possession’s looks, image and price for many years. It can even become a classic....

Unfortunately part of the aging process is that our skin starts losing its plumpness and hands tend to appear more bony, veins become more prominent looking and the years of sun shows up in the form of freckles or dark spots on our hands and arms. As we age our collagen production slows down and skin does not regenerate fast or as well as when we were young and we have to assist Mother Nature a bit. At Skin Renewal they have several solutions which can be done while you are having a facial or any other treatments.

Acutip 500™
Acutip is a new light technology that replaces liquid nitrogen (freezing or cryotherapy) to treat individual sun spots without the risk of scarring or hypopigmentation (white spots) that can happen with the more traditional type of therapy. The Cutera Acutip effectively treats individual sun spots and the cooled tip is ideal for treating spots on hands and arms, as well as facial discoloration spots as well.

This is actually done by the Acutip selectively absorbing the pigmented spots on your skin and it’s the heating of the pigmented cells that cause the therapeutic effect without affecting the normal skin around it. More important is that it does not have a blistering effect and aesthetically it just looks better. All of this can be done in one or two treatments in order to produce a dramatic decrease in sun spots on your hands, resulting in a smoother looking skin.

In addition to removing the sun spots on your hands, injectable fillers can restore volume and plump up the skin on the back of your hands, resulting in a plumper, more youthful looking skin.

Limelight can be used on any sun damaged area of the body, including face, neck, hands, arms and legs and is procedure to treat freckles, discoloration as well as blotchy brown spots. The appropriate treatment will be selected to treat the various brown spots on your hands or face.  Immediately after the treatment, brown spots will darken. Within a week or three these darkened spots will flake off and face. Fillers can be safely combined with this treatment as well, but tanning should be stopped at least three weeks before any treatment is done.

Home treatment from the Luminesce range by Lamelle is always advised and combined with in office therapy can visibly reduce the signs of aging on your hands as well as your face.

In South Africa I classify ‘going into the sun’ even for shopping expeditions and an afternoon watching sporting events live as the sunlight is harsh and we don’t always realize how much we are exposed to the sun.

Our hands have an especially difficult time as you can wear a hat to protect your face, but unless you wear gloves or lots of sunscreen at all times, your hands will be more sun exposed than the rest of your body. Even more reason to look after this very precious and necessary asset!

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