Nails in a flash

A cute bright color on your fingers is this season's best party accessory. But if you're like us and you're painting in a rush, then here are a few pro pointers to get your mani looking marvelous in minutes!
a woman doing her nails
First, paint on your topcoat and rather than start with painting on your color immediately, give this first layer two minutes to dry.

Next, paint on your color – two coats should do the trick and like with your topcoat, give your color two minutes to dry between coats.

Make sure you're using a thin consistency of nail polish. Color that's thick and gooey will take longer to dry and feel soft even hours after it's been painted. The result will be dreaded smudges! If your polish looks thick, add little (drop by drop) polish remover and shake the bottle till your color looks thinner.

If you're in a real rush, once your color is dry, skip the topcoat (and pray for no chips) and vow to paint it on the next morning. The reason for this super cheat, is that the more polish you apply the thicker the layers become and the longer it takes to harden properly. So if you're worried about smudges destroying your party nails, skip topcoat and pop some on the morning after to prolong your mani.

Good luck with your quick nails and tell us if you have a quicker way.

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