The 'must knows' before painting nails

Nail polish running out the bottle

Struggling to get your nails perfectly painted? Or maybe you just not so clued up like your nail technician? Well you are in luck, we have put together a few tips for those who are not quite sure about painting nails and also a few things we thing everyone must know.

Tip 1 - Three strokes are all you need.
First, you want to dip the brush into the bottle and get a decent-size amount of polish at the edge of your brush. This is because you want the polish to do the majority of the work and spread out as it's placed on the nail. The brush is there to just guide the dot of polish into place.

Starting at the base of your nail, stroke the brush to the left, to the right, and then down the center.

Tip 2 - Always use a base coat.
This is a bit time consuming but it gives the colored polish the test of quality, making your manicure last a couple of extra days longer and it prevents staining on your nails from pigmented paint.

Tip 3 - Find the right white.
We started noticing that white nail polish couldn't be more awesome than it is right now, it's a super cool, must-wear shade. But when you're shopping around for a bottle, you want to make sure it’s thick and creamy. It mustn’t go on too streaky.

Tip 4 - Stay away from quick-dry nail polish.
It's dehydrating and can dry out your nails. The last thing you want is dry old nails. So be careful.

Tip 5 - Throw on cuticle oil like it’s going out of fashion.
Do you want to look like you've just stepped out of the salon? Use cuticle oil. It instantly hydrates your nails.

Apply it over your entire nail after you've painted your nails. If you accidentally bump them against something, the oil makes it smooth and gives your nail some slip, so they are less likely to nick and damaged.

Tip 6 – Cold water after painting.
Did you know holding your hands under cold water or dipping your fingertips into ice water, helps them dry faster? Yip!

Tip 7 – Thin coats of polish.
When you are painting your nails, to get your polish to dry faster... apply three thin coats. Not one or two gloppy layers - you want them to dry right?

Tip 8 - Keep your nail polish in a cool, dry, dark place. (Aka Fridge)
Did you know that storing your nail polish in the fridge helps the formula to last longer? Especially since heat and sunlight can alter the thickness and color.

Tip 9 – Try NOT SHAKE your nail polish bottle.
Instead, roll it back and forth between your two hands holding the polish vertically. This helps with not having air bubbles in the lacquer or on your nails as you paint it on.

Tip 10 - Stay away from hot water.
Don't do your nails and then do the dishes... really?! Also don’t go jump into a bath or shower! Hot water is nail polish's natural born enemy. It causes the nail bed to expand, forcing the polish to expand with it, typically causing it to crack in the process. You don’t want that.

Tip 11 - Always use a top coat.
Always swipe the very tip of your nail. In that way when you're typing and hitting your tips against the keys constantly, you'll be less likely to get chips and damage them.

There we go... all the 'must knows' for painting your nails. Got any moer tips for us? Please comment below and let us know. Keep shining!

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