Can I be free from cellulite?

Answer: Yes, you can be free of cellulite.
A woman with cellulite and holding an orange

It’s not an easy thing to do. It requires hard training and a consistent amount of training but it is possible. We have answered a question on cellulite before and it might answer some more of your questions.

Essentially, the key to ridding cellulite is losing excess fat as well as toning. Therefore, along with strength training, be sure that you are doing enough cardio. Also you might be hitting a plateau and therefore won’t be seeing any results, unless you keep mixing things up.

You need to understand that there are no exercises that are going to target cellulite in particular; it’s rather the combination of losing fat (cardio) and building muscle (strength training) which helps lose the dimples. Usual strength exercises for lower body can include things like squats, lunges, step-ups and hamstring curls.

Also, on that point, give it time. You are not going to lose all the cellulite in the first few months, but keep it up and you will soon see the rewards.

Heard of body shaping? Did you know that most laser clinics or medical aesthetic centres now offer you a pain free solution?

To reduce or eliminate the effect of cellulite, for example, before putting on that bikini or after a pregnancy, you need to treat your cellulite with treatments that stimulate microcirculation and cellular metabolism, re-establishing the skin’s tone and compactness.

With targeted treatments that improve tissue drainage (thanks to the action of the laser and rhythmic dermal massage), reduce fat build-up (using ultrasound), firm and tone the areas affected, makes your skin smoother and more elastic: in just a few words, they reshape your silhouette.

The improvement of tissue trophism and collagen stimulation in the body shaping sessions will contribute to this remodelling and push-up effect and in just a few sessions can reduce skin relaxation, localised adiposity and the volumes where excess fluids have built up.

Visit our laser clinics section and find a medical aesthetics spa and tell us in our comments section below how this worked or works for you. Please also visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and give us a follow, we love engaging there too. Good luck with ridding yourself of your cellulite!

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