Diet tips for the office

If you are in the office all day like we are you will notice that its very difficult to stick to your diet. From the constant boardroom meetings, the quick lunch meetings where an array of unhealthy snacks are available to the canteen food that is always beckoning...

a lady eating at work

Trust us, we know how much easier it is to quickly grab that chocolate bar, packet of crisps or even that ice cold sugary drink you have been craving all day since you walked past the vending machine since your walk into the office this morning.

So we thought we would help you out with a few tips which could help you stay on track...

Keep a water bottle on your desk instead of a glass.
This will ensure that you will consume more water more often. Just keep taking that little sip when you see your bottle and what works well for us is that we make sure we finish that bottle of water before we leave the office. Water is very important to your health and diet.

Take a packet of fruit to work each week.
Keep it in the fridge and whenever you want a snack... grab an apple or pear. At least when you feel like a snack you know a healthy option is available. Or if the fridge is not available, carry a fruit in your lunch bag to work every day.

Bring a nutritious snack to work.
What you need to note here is that you should make this a habit. In a zip-lock bag put in sliced carrots, green peppers and celery sticks every day and take it to work. Not that exact combination but you get the idea right? At least you will know its fresh every day and it will fill that little hole when you are working.

Keep protein bars in your draw.
Go get a whole handful of your favourite bars over the weekend and make sure you fill your office drawer with them. Grab one when you are hungery and pump your body full of the nutrients it needs.

Keep rice cakes in the draw and cottage cheese in the fridge.
Probably one of the best weight loss snack of all time. This is a quick snack and very good for you. If you dont have a fridge... make them at home and put them in a sealed container for lunch time.

Ensure you have a good quality lunch bag!.
Try get one that is insulated or thermal. This will enable you to bring all the nutritious snacks to the office even when you dont have a fridge in sight.

If you are compelled to eat at the meetings, ensure you only graze.
Tha tmeans having small portions of everything served and not pigging out and also go for bigger portions of the vegetables.

We hope these tips help you and if you ahve anymore please feel free to comment below! Take care and good luck with losing weight while you are at the office.

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