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It is a fact, we are judged within seconds by our appearance. As the skin is our largest organ it is imperative we take care of it.  Your skin shows what is happening inside your body, from premature ageing, dehydration to hormonal imbalances.

I offer both the relaxing Cosmetic treatments as well as the result driven Cosmeceutical treatments as well as manicures that will leave you feeling great.

When it comes to nails, we use OPI products exclusively because of their exceptional quality and because they are the top brand in the world. They are constantly up to date with local and international trends and we do courses regularly to make sure we can provide our customers with anything they see or want eg: Nail art, Nail trends, Latest colours and techniques.

Currently we offer OPI Laquer and Gel Color and we will be launching our acrylic services very soon.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing facial to help you unwind or want to pamper your skin, or for an intense result driven chemical peel, microdermabrasion or micro-needling session or even a manicure that will blow you away, you will find it here at Iridesense Health and Beauty.

When you are ready, I will personally help you to achieve your best skin, it is a process and journey which your skin will thank you for.

We have local celebrities Ryan Hignet and Jay Anstey coming in for manicures at the salon because of our high quality nail treatments and personal touch… why not come join them?!

Double team green & blue gel OPIBlue Purple

Baby Pink Mani Candy Paint

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