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Cellabon RX

What Is Peratox Anti Ageing Cream?
A Full line of anti ageing products designed using the best most clinically advanced ingredients to produce younger, healthier looking skin. A combination of well-balanced natural ingredients in each cream gives every product a specific focus on different aspects of ageing.

All creams have been developed to work simultaneously in our “triple care system,” this provides the skin with nourishment and tone, catering for different ageing needs. Extensive research has been done to ensure that our products are of the highest grade; we endeavor to give your skin a fresh plump look with the best anti ageing elixir on the market. Our Peratox Anti-aging creams are predominantly moisture based cosmeceutical skin care products formulated with the promise of reducing:

  • Visible wrinkles
  • Expression lines
  • Blemishes
  • Pigmentation changes
  • Other environmentally (especially from the sun) related conditions of the skin.

Losing confidence in your appearance? Is this the solution for you?
The simple answer is YES! We guarantee our creams are the most caring on the market with the most intense active ingredients in all products. Our Peratox anti ageing creams will benefit all skin types by completely reinvigorating skin and leaving it fresh, plump and boosting confidence levels to an all time high.

Most creams only “mask” our skins issues. However, our innovation works by penetrating deep beneath the layers of the skin. This boosts cell renewal, causing the skins structure to be repaired beneath showing a clear visual impact and feel of soft velvety texture over damaged skin.

What is our triple care system?
Our triple care system is what makes our creams so unique. We have a three-step process for radically removing all types of wrinkles:
Step - Product - Use - Targeted Area
Step 1 - Anti Aging Essence - Use on clean washed skin (Day/Night) - Fine Lines, Use to even skin tone.
Step 2 - Anti Ageing Eye cream - Use over Anti Ageing Essence (Night Time) - Eye Bags, Puffiness, Dark Circles, Crows Feet.
Step 3 - Anti Ageing Cream - Use over Anti Ageing Eye Cream (Night Time) - Deep Wrinkles, Skin Renewal, Collagen Boosting.

All creams have been specifically developed in three steps to produce one facial treatment. It has been clinically proven that creams that are used together are by far the most effective and give skin the deepest most natural treatment forcing improved lines and a boost in collagen cell renewal.

This system provides a deep moisturizing barrier against ageing to rescue tired, saggy skin, rejuvenating the health and tone in your complexion. The benefits proven from our triple care system are:

  • Natural Collagen in the skin increased
  • Tightening and toning of the skin
  • Reduction in eye bags, crows feet
  • Increased confidence and skin health

No quality on result is lost when creams are used on their own to combat specific ageing problems. The creams are still manufactured to work alone with the added bonus of being able to be combined with any other product in our range.

Does it work on sensitive skin?
YES! Our creams are all developed and tested to work on the most sensitive skin. This is due to the peptide ingredients chosen in our products. They are extremely effective and unique and are considered “a gentle but powerful” ingredient. The power of our ingredients will boost collagen and elastin levels by 200% causing skin to feel tighter more toned and healthier giving you the reassurance that the cream will not react negatively when applied to sensitive skin.

Our amazing ingredients and what do they mean for your skin? – The Science Bit.

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)
Epidermal Growth factor (EGF) is an extremely powerful protein that when applied to the skin accelerates healing and increases the rate of skin renewal on ageing skin. We have been able to include this fantastic skin protein in our creams as it is proven to:

  • Accelerate healing and moisturization of deep wrinkles
  • Increase the rate of skin renewal
  • Slow down skin thinning, which naturally occurs as we age

Retinyl Palmitate
Retinyl Palmitate (also called vitamin A Palmitate) is a combination of Palmitic acid and retinol, or vitamin A. Vitamin A treats wrinkles by encouraging healthy cell growth and exfoliates skin to give a younger appearance. Research states that Retinyl palmitate is much less irritating to the skin than any of its other anti-wrinkle counterparts, which makes our creams much more skin friendly.

Coenzyme Q10 Liposome
Free radical damage is the damage on our skin caused by the air and sun. Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful anti oxidant and works fighting this damage, reducing the appearance of ageing, tired skin.

Once we hit 30 years old the levels of this natural coenzyme (COQ10) decrease more rapidly. We have incorporated it in our creams, as an increase in Coenzyme Q10 will result in the skins ability to produce natural collagen, promoting firmness and elasticity.

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