About Skin & Body Renewal

Skin Renewal was founded by Dr. Maureen Allem, who started the specialist aesthetic center after several years of providing injectable aesthetic treatments such as Botox ® and dermal fillers to her patients. The need for a fully-fledged aesthetic center came about as a result of the advances in aesthetic technologies, which provided alternatives to the more traditional surgical procedures that had been practiced for the preceding decades. The development of the new laser, light, radio frequency and ultrasound technologies specifically provided a cost effective means to improve the quality of the skin and also treat a wide range of skin and body conditions.

The first Skin Renewal opened in Rivonia, Sandton at Senses corner in 2005 and was followed in July the following year by the Parkhurst branch in 6th Street, Parkhurst.  In October 2006 the Fourways branch at the Pineslopes Medical Centre opened. During the course of 2007 all three branches were extended and upgraded and significant investments were made in new equipment. In early 2008 a second Rivonia branch was opened at the Rivonia Village Shopping Center and this expanded the range of services and products that Skin Renewal was able to offer in Rivonia and also allowed the original branch to adopt a more defined medical focus. October 2008 heralded the expansion of the Skin Renewal brand to Cape Town with the opening of Skin Renewal Sea Point. Dr. Gareth Tjasink joined the medical practice in November 2008 and this was followed by the opening of the Claremont branch in Protea Rd on the border between Claremont and Newlands in Cape Town at the beginning of 2009. Dr Dalize Willemse joined the medical practice during the second half of 2009 and concentrates her efforts at the cape Town branches.

Dr Marilyn Sharp joined the medical practice in September 2009 and assists at the Johannesburg and Sandton branches. In March 2010 the Sea Point branch was relocated from Sea Pont to the new Cape Quarter Square in Greenpoint and a new branch will open at the Willowbridge Lifestyle Center in Tyger Valley at the end of April 2010. The practice was also joined by Dr Xen Ludick who brought his extensive anti-aging experience to further enhance the Skin Renewal offering.

The expansion and growth of the business has been facilitated by the dedication and expertise of an exceptional complement of doctors, therapists, nurses and support staff and Skin Renewal has continued to attract amongst the best aesthetic staff in South Africa. All staff are fully trained in a wide range of technologies, products and therapies through a combination of distributor based training as well as Skin Renewal’s own in-house training and protocols. At the onset of 2009, Skin Renewal entered into a post graduate bursary and trainee programme with the International Skin and Beauty Academy in Cape Town & Sandton and has committed to providing post graduate bursaries to therapists who require financial assistance and have also achieved excellent academic standards for the first two years of their studies.

During mid-2009 the new Body Renewal brand was launched in response to a high level of demand for body related services and treatments and this was designed to operate as an independent offering or to be integrated into existing Skin Renewal branches. A significant investment was also made in new technologies when Skin Renewal purchased the assets and several branches of the I Care for my Body group in late 2009. This also facilitated the opening of new Skin Renewal branches in Irene, Centurion as well as at Sandton City Shopping Center in the Sandton CBD.

Skin Renewal will continue to research and implement the newest, best and most dependable new technologies and will continue to expand the Skin Renewal brand across South Africa through partnership with likeminded aesthetic physicians, staff, distributors, suppliers and service providers.

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