Annique Eyes

This product imparts a beautiful silky look and feel. It contains silk amino acids that can penetrate the hair and assist in offering exceptional moisturising benefits.

This silk derivative, paired with pro vitamin B5, makes for an exceptional combination of ingredients that will help to condition and strengthens the eyelashes helping to prevent damage and breakage, keeping the eyelashes looking in tip top condition. A light shiny resinous material deposits a glossy protective layer onto each eyelash to add excellent shine and volume. A silicone is also added to help slip, that together with a specially selected emollient helps to give exceptional pay off of colour onto the eyelashes, drying quickly without leaving an oily residue, and add moisturising benefits to this prestige mascara.

The Colour Caress Retractable Eyeliner delivers a beautiful dose of colour, with an easy-glide, creamy texture. This liner is a must-have for an eye-mazing look!

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