Free Yourself From Dark Marks!


Free Yourself From Dark Marks!

What we see as dark marks, spots or patches of skin is an overabundance of the skin’s natural pigment. It’s called hyperpigmentation, and it’s caused by overexposure to the sun, internal hormonal changes and sometimes from the inflammation that heals wounds on the skin – like injuries and especially inflamed pimples.

Have a look at pigmentation as a skin condition.


Will dark marks fade on their own?

Yes, and no (kind of). It does depend a lot on what caused the hyperpigmentation in the first place. Depending on your skin tone, each dark mark may take up to 24 months to fade (that’s 2 years!), in most cases they do fade much quicker. The problem is that, if you’re prone to getting dark marks, it’s likely even more will form in the 2 or so years it takes the existing ones to fade. So you’ll almost always seem to have them.

And dark marks can have a huge impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Or at least demand extra time and care to cover up with make-up – you want your skin to look perfectly radiant and even-toned after all, right?

But make-up can just make things worse for your skin health overall. That’s why it’s so well worth knowing how to free your skin from dark marks.

Remarkable treatment for dark marks

Getting free of dark marks for good often takes a few steps. For one, you want to clear away the existing dark spots, and then prevent future ones at the same time. So, often, you’ll fast-track your hyperpigmentation treatment with some skin therapies – see these pigmentation treatments.

But one of the most important steps is what you do to care for your skin every day. Stay out of the sun and use sunscreen daily, for one. And then, stick to a dark mark skincare regimen that works.

We created a range of products with the most technologically advanced pigmentation-treatment program available. It influences how your skin forms pigment and can even correct melasma (hormonal pigmentation) on the DNA level. And it does it all with no risk to your skin.

Discover Lamelle’s Luminesce.


Recently updated, the Luminesce range offers you the most advanced treatment for dark marks available, because it impacts how your skin forms pigmentation without risk of harming your skins natural ability to make pigment.


1 Triple-peptide complex

Some of the most common pathways your skin uses to produce melanin are through 1) the Microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF) protein that’s produced by the MITF gene to carry the instructions for making melanin in cells called melanocytes (who make the melanin); 2) the enzyme tyrosinase, a catalyst for making different types of melanin inside melanocytes; and 3) the process of melanocytes passing new melanin (melanosomes) to the keratinocytes (skin cells) around it.

In Luminesce, we’ve refined the blend of peptides (amino acids) we use to only those that interfere with all three of these pathways, which reduces over-production of melanin. Together, these peptides limit the MITF signal from reaching the melanocyte nucleus, inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and prevents the transfer of pigment to skin cells.

Find it in Luminesce Brighter Day and Evening Glow.

2 Powerful new tyrosinase inhibitor

Luminesce now includes a naturally-sourced ingredient that inhibits the activity and production of tyrosinase (the catalyst for creating melanin in your skin). By limiting this enzyme, we can better control how much new melanin your body produces.

Find it only in Luminesce Brighter Day.

3 Stem cell factor pathway inhibitor

New research has shown that stem cell factors (a message that your cells send when injured) also trigger the production of new melanin, especially in hormonally triggered hyperpigmentation. So, we include an ingredient that’s proven to safely and effectively reduce the amount of new melanin that stem cell factors will trigger in melasma (hormonal pigmentation). Effectively, this means that the products can inhibit hyperpigmentation through a whole new pigmentation pathway.

Find it only in Luminesce Evening Glow.

4 Gene-signalling for melasma

Another entirely new pathway works on the DNA-level in hormonal hyperpigmentation. New research shows that people who suffer from melasma (hormonal pigmentation) also have under-active Dickkopf 1 (DKK-1) gene signaling. And that’s important because DKK-1 regulates the MITF that controls pigmentation. So, we’ve developed a perfectly safe and effective ingredient that replaces the gene signaling – for the first time ever impacting melasma on the DNA level.

Find it in both Luminesce Brighter Day and Evening Glow.

5 Cosmetic retinoic acid ester

One of the most important parts of treating hyperpigmentation is promoting skin cell turnover to get rid of existing hyperpigmentation. And one powerful way to do that is by using a retinoid (vitamin A variant). But, not everyone’s skins can tolerate retinol. So it wasn’t always an option for everyone.

But now, Lamelle has included a proprietary new form of retinoid that’s proven comparably as effective to prescription strength retinoids that’s also extremely well tolerated by all skins. In all our trials, the new retinoid derivative proved completely safe, even to those who’ve never used retinoids before.

Find it only in Luminesce Evening Glow.

Used together, these powerful new technologies can help free your skin from dark marks, giving you the confidence to just be yourself, every day.

Learn more here about pigmentation and discover more pigmentation treatments or watch below to find out more about what Dr Bradley has to say about facing dark marks!

Source: Lamelle


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