L’ANZA Healing Strength

Clients with weak, fragile hair suffer from breakage, tangles and split ends. Weak hair can be caused by hairs’
age or by age accelerators. L’ANZA Healing Strength contains the CP Anti-Aging Complex to reverse the
signs of aging, effectively restoring strength and a youthful appearance to weak, fragile hair. This advanced
complex heals from within, reducing hair breakage and fortifying ends to bring frail hair back to prime health.
Long Hair: The longer the hair is, the older it is. And as hair ages, it becomes weaker due to abuse and exposure
to harsh elements.
Age Accelerators: Short hair can also experience premature aging and weakness due to age accelerators.
This includes hot tools, UV rays, poor quality hair care products and chemical services. They all can cause hair
to age more quickly, depleting it of vital nutrients and strength.

The CP Anti-Aging Complex replenishes Cystine Peptides, the amino acids responsible for increasing strength
to long or weakened hair. “CP” stands for Cystine Peptides. It reduces fiber fracturing for less hair breakage.
Cystine Peptides are the essential building blocks of Keratin Protein, which add strength, resiliency and elasticity
to the hair. This powerful Complex reverses the signs of aging and builds vital strength into each strand.
Hair takes on a stronger, more youthful appearance.