The Original Make-up Eraser

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The Original Make-up Eraser is a revolutionary product that can help you remove any sort of make up without using any harmful chemical product.

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The Original Make-up Eraser

All you need to do is to soak the cloth in water and use it. Its ultra-thin fibers will reach the pores of your skin to remove every last speck of make-up from your face. It can even remove waterproof mascara in a matter of seconds using just water.

Made Of:
-100% natural fiber cloth.
-Dyed using non-allergic and non-irritating dye.
-No harmful chemicals used.

Best Used For:
-Removing make-up.
-Cleansing skin after a long day in the traffic.
-Erasing waterproof make-up without make-up cleaning agents.

Key Features:
-Can be used for any type of skin.
-Removes all sorts of make-up in a matter of seconds.
-No use of soap or cleansing agents.
-Machine washable.
-No stains remain after washing.
-Can be reused many times.
-Economically and environmentally efficient as compared to disposable counterparts.
-Does not leave marks on.
-Does not scratch the skin.

How To Use:
-Soak the make-up eraser in clean cold water.
-Gently cleanse the skin to remove the make-up.
-Wash to reuse.

-Can be washed in an automatic machine.
-Do not wash with harsh detergents.
-Wash as and when it gets dirty.

-For intended use only.
-Do not share the make-up eraser with others without washing.

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Annique Rooibos, Lamelle Skin Lab

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