Hyperpigmentation – The many amazing ways Luminesce by Lamelle treats hyperpigmentation


Hyperpigmentation – The many amazing ways Luminesce by Lamelle treats hyperpigmentation

When it comes to winning the war against hyperpigmentation there’s no single magic bullet. The creation of dark marks is a complicated process involving a myriad of steps. Think of it as an “intracellular ballet” with many different cell types constantly changing dance partners while moving around to perform in various areas across the stage. This is why your best line of defence is a medical research-born product range using a variety of cutting-edge ingredients that hinder the hyperpigmentation process at every point in its dance. In short, this is Luminesce by Lamelle and we’re going to discover the amazing ways it works to help you create a more evenly-toned and radiant-looking skin.


Let’s talk peptides!

When it comes to treating hyperpigmentation, peptides are your friends. This is why we’ve used an exciting new blend in both our Luminesce day and night creams that work in three ways. Firstly, they inhibit the creation of a seriously tongue-twisty protein called microphthalmia-associated transcription factor. (You can see why we call it MITF, right?) Your body produces MITF to communicate with your melanocytes (your cells that create melanin) and instruct them to go into overdrive. Thanks to our peptides, these ensure MITF’s “letter” gets lost in the mail, essentially blocking the formation of a potential dark mark. Better yet, our peptide blend has the added benefit of serving up a lovely whack of antioxidant protection too. Brilliant, right?

Get DNA level protection

Peptides aren’t the only way Luminesce can slow the creation of MITF. It works on a DNA level too! New research has shown that those suffering from melasma (the kind of hyperpigmentation that’s triggered by your hormones) also have under-active Dickkopf 1 (DKK-1) gene signalling. This makes sense because your DKK-1 genes regulate the production of MITF. If they’re not working the way they should be, you’re going to have too much of it so this is where trimethoxybenzyl acetylsinapate comes in.

A pure, perfectly safe and effective biomimetic ingredient, it helps normalise your DKK-1 gene signalling so it can do a proper job of “policing” your MITF proteins to decrease the formation of excessive melanin. This kind of DNA-address technology is a first in the skincare industry – but would you expect anything less from Lamelle?

Tamp down that tyrosinase

Another way Luminesce can foil a would-be melanin flare-up is by getting a handle on your skin’s tyrosinase production. Tyrosinase plays a role in transporting any newly created melanin from the deeper layers of your skin to the surface where it becomes visible as a dark mark. It also acts like lighter fluid, turning any melanin-producing cells that were acting like a little campfire into a raging blaze. This is why Luminesce contains a great mix of tyrosinase-inhibiting ingredients like liquorice extract and arbutin. Not only will they help to keep your little campfires in check, but they’ll also serve as “sandbags” to help contain it.

Ready for an interesting sidebar? Our research has shown that another form of arbutin – decabutin – is ten times more active than arbutin. It’s also six times more effective in inhibiting tyrosinase than hydroquinone, but without the cell skill-damaging side effects when used long term. This is why we’ve used in our Correctives Brighter Serum and Brighter Concentrate. They’re both a brilliant way to turbo boost any hyperpigmentation-focused skincare routine as they act like a sedative for overactive melanocytes, helping them to keep calm and NOT carry on. Once melanocytes get switched on, it’s very hard to deactivate them which is why it’s best to use the Luminesce line consistently and continuously. Keeping hyperpigmentation is a long game, not a sprint.

Source: Lamelle


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