The superior way to treat hyperpigmentation? It’s from the inside-out!


The superior way to treat hyperpigmentation? It’s from the inside-out!

If you’re struggling with hyperpigmentation, you’ll know that treating it can feel a lot like doing a country line dance – one step forward and two steps back. After all, you can be as diligent as you like about treating it but spend just one day outdoors without sunscreen and unravel all your progress in minutes. This is why a high HPF protection sunscreen such as Lamelle Helase 50+ is always your best weapon in the war against hyperpigmentation. But what are you doing to beat it? As it turns out, in this case, a multipronged approach is your best form of attack.


Invest in the best

Many of the lotions and potions you’ll find promising to help treat pigmentation simply don’t contain the right ingredients to do it, nor are they using them in the right concentration. This is why, switching to a hyperpigmentation-focused medical-grade skincare brand like Lamelle Luminesce is a must.

Luminesce Brighter Day, the day cream, contains a recently updated mix of pigmentation-inhibiting superstars that include a triple peptide complex, a resorcinol derivative and DKK 1 gene agonist. The latter can help normalize your skin’s production of melanin, the pigment that gives it its colour. As far as the peptides are concerned, these do a great job of inhibiting tyrosinase – the enzyme that helps create excess melanin as well as transfer it from the depths of your skin up to the surface where it creates the uneven, dark parts we know as hyperpigmentation.

Our night hyperpigmentation-beating night cream, Luminesce Evening Glow, contains similar actives to the day but includes an anti-inflammatory turmeric extract as well as Arbutin, Niacinimide and a form of retinoic acid with proven hyperpigmentation-minimising benefits.

Get your glow back

Another way to bolster your quest for a more radiant, evenly-toned skin is to take an inside-out approach by using Lamelle Ovelle 3D. A twice-a-day easy to swallow gel capsule, our bestselling supplement is clinically proven to reduce the look of pigmentation by 37-percent in as little as 28 days!

What’s in the mix? Tried and trusted vitamin D3 and Pycnogenol, a mega-antioxidant botanical extracted from pine bark. Together, they help boost your skin’s natural resistance to the damaging effects of the sun. Better yet, Ovelle 3D will also help preserve your skin’s collagen stash while improving hydration so firmer, plumper-looking skin can be yours to enjoy!

At the end of the day, we get it – treating pigmentation can be tricky. But it’s not impossible – especially if you’ve got the right products scientifically proven to help you get your glow back!

Get that glow

At the end of the day, waging a war against pigmentation can feel like a losing game. But if you’ve got highly advanced skin brightening products in your artillery, a more evenly-toned, radiant-looking complexion can be yours for the taking.

Source: Lamelle


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