Spot Control: This is why you need to know about Clarity Active Control


Spot Control: This is why you need to know about Clarity Active Control

In the age of bacterial resistance, spots are growing more common while treatments fail – but Lamelle knows why. Introducing Clarity Active Control: your ultimate pimple-emergency plan

There’s nothing funny about pimples. Ask anyone who’s had to deal with the stress and humiliation of breakouts and spots at the worst time ever.

Just before a date. At three in the afternoon on a Friday. On your birthday. Whenever you need to take good pictures. Pimple emergencies are real, stressful, and unnecessary realities for 85% of people in the world because it’s right there on your face: red, swollen, painful, unsightly, and embarrassing.

Well, no more. It’s time for the era of bad fixes to end. And the good guys to step in.


The truth about why pimples are still so common

Why, in an era where there are so many products available, do we still suffer from bad acne? The truth is that we did it ourselves. Humankind invested so much time and effort into creating acne products containing antibacterial (antibiotic) ingredients, that we’ve created strains of drug-resistant bacteria.

Drug resistance in acne-causing bacteria has been documented to be as high as 40% in some cases, and that is just growing every day. Meaning, there’s just no avoiding these resistant bacteria anymore.

A new way of thinking: Lamelle Clarity

That’s why Lamelle Research Laboratories has devoted itself for over a decade to creating better quality products that actually work from the inside out. You might already be familiar with the Acnevelle and Clarity range. Taken together, Acnevelle (oral tablets) and Clarity (topical treatments) work together to reduce inflammatory acne by up to 88% in a few weeks.

But, most importantly, these two treatments do their job safely and effectively. That’s why we say that it’s the best way to get acne-free, clear and healthy skin the in the long run.

Inside the Clarity range, there are a number of products that can technically already help you deal with a pimple emergency effectively.

But, since ‘acne vulgaris’ (the horrible, real term for what we call a pimple) is so common and so many products get it wrong, Lamelle Research Laboratories realised that it was time to step in and create a single pimple-emergency product that actually works.

Introducing: Clarity Active Control – the end of pimple emergencies


First and most importantly, all-new Clarity Active Control reduces acne in follicles by 60–86% in just 8–12 weeks without resulting in bacterial resistance

By using a new blend of the specialised vitamin niacinamide and a lab-modified version of ascorbic acid (none of which are antibiotic), Lamelle has created a complex that has no effect on drug resistance in bacteria, but yields the same – if not better – results than antibacterial treatments do.

What’s more, Clarity Active Control is also formulated to be safe for the normal human bacteria on your skin. Bonus.

Secondly, this all-new product tackles one of the biggest physical causes of pimples in the skin: oxidisation in skin lipids. Science has found that the lipids (vital molecules) in acne-prone skin are more susceptible to oxidisation by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS or free radicals), which makes them more likely to be comedogenic (become infected and inflamed, forming a pimple).

By reducing oxidisation in lipids by 40%, Clarity Active Control is proven to be more effective in treating acne than even the most popular current treatments, like benzoyl peroxide.

How to use Clarity Active Control

This is your go-to treatment when a pimple or spot starts appearing.

You apply a small quantity of the gel onto the problem area, gently massaging it into your clean, dry skin. Do this twice daily until the spot goes away.

Don’t use the product as a lotion all over your face. It’s a high-powered product, used on small problem areas to effectively get rid of spots in a pimple emergency.

For long-term results, use Clarity Active Control as part of your complete Clarity and Acnevelle treatment programs.

Source: Lamelle


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