Re-Firm | Harness the power of stem cells


Re-Firm | Harness the power of stem cells

Introducing NEW Dermaheal Re-Firm!

Rare. Precious. An innovation like no other. NEW Lamelle Dermaheal Re-Firm is our most advanced anti-ageing solution to date. It harnesses the astounding anti-ageing potential of cutting-edge regenerative medicine using a precious elixir born of biotechnology.

The genesis of a marvel

Let’s start at the beginning. Only recently has medical science begun to unravel the incredible potential of stem cells. These living cells are found in many tissues throughout your body and have the power to transform themselves into almost any other type of cell. They’re especially useful for rejuvenation as they can migrate to an area of injury and evolve into whatever your body requires. Building block action aside, they can also secrete “factors”, a biochemical message that essentially controls the cells around them.

Knowing that stem cells are the key that can unlock a cascade of anti-aging benefits, Lamelle has been working with biotechnology companies invested in using stem cells to treat degenerative diseases. Naturally, this research has generated stem cell-derived blends with phenomenal applications in biocosmetics. Being at the forefront of innovation, we’re now proud to unveil our most pioneering skin rejuvenator yet – Dermaheal Re-Firm.

A blend like no other

Lamelle Dermaheal Re-Firm isn’t just a next-generation anti-aging product. It’s a marvel. The first product of its kind to harness the power of stem cell conditioning media (SCCM). Put simply, “conditioning media” is a stem cell’s “liquid essence” – a precious elixir containing a treasure trove of cell-communicating secreted factors.

To create this powerful rejuvenating cocktail, we start by extracting the stem cells from adipose tissue (fat cells) – proven to deliver the best results over other types of stem cells when it comes to skin rejuvenation – and incubate them in a liquid gel. Once the stem cells have secreted their powerful factors, we separate them from their essence and use the latter to create Dermaheal Re-Firm. The results? Astounding.

As Re-Firm’s SCCM elixir contains highly active growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines as well as collagen and elastin-encouraging peptides, it can transform your skin within just 28 days. As your cells receives the message that inspires them to perform their functions optimally you can expect to see a dramatic improvement in firmness; reduced wrinkling and brighter, more luminous-looking complexion.

Lamelle Re-Firm

Potent and precious

The production of stem cell conditioning media is an exacting science controlled by the hands of the few highly-skilled biotechnologists that have mastered it. The supply is extremely limited making Dermaheal Re-Firm one of the world’s most exclusive products. We’re working hard to make it more accessible to everyone, but for now, it exists as something rare, potent and precious that has to be pre-ordered. We regret that not everyone will be able to experience its extraordinary effects. However, the other products in our Dermaheal range – while they don’t include the elixir – also offer the benefits of growth factors.

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