Understanding sensitive skin… Skincare shouldn’t have to sting:


Understanding sensitive skin… Skincare shouldn’t have to sting:


Struggling with very dry skin? There’s a good chance you’re also the sensitive type. And no, it’s not because The Notebook makes you cry. Both conditions – sensitive skin and dry skin – share an underlying cause and that’s a disrupted barrier function. But first, what is that exactly? And if yours isn’t working properly, how do you go about fixing it? Luckily, Lamelle’s researchers have been studying dry and sensitive skin for decades so we can answer both questions with expert advice, removing the sting from skincare.

The great barrier

Imagine the surface of your skin as a tiled roof. There are many things that can damage these tiles – from using products that are too exfoliating or too much-unprotected sun exposure. Either way, once they’re damaged, they lift up and allow your skin’s natural moisture to escape and irritants to get in. The result is skin that’s not only unquenchably dry but over sensitive due to all those gaps in its “armour”.

While you’d think solving the problem would be as easy as applying a heavy, thick moisturiser, it’s not quite that simple. Those missing tiles mean that any hydration you put in will just as easily slip out due to evaporation. However, if you use the right type of hydrator, you’ll be back in business.

To explain, your skin’s outermost cells (or tiles!) exist in a waxy layer of lipids. If you’re to repair a damaged barrier, you’re going to need to apply a product that contains a mix of lipids naturally found in healthy skin. These will essentially “seal” it, helping it retain its moisture and protect it from the irritants that can cause stinging, redness, and inflammation.

At last! Real relief!

Once you know what to look for in a barrier repair cream, it’s easy to find a brilliant one, such as Lamelle Serra Restore Cream. It contains patented Ceramide-P to help create a multi-layered lipid structure that mimics healthy human skin. It’s a fantastic long-term solution for anyone with typically dry or sensitive skin. If, however, you’re experiencing an acute bout of sensitivity, having an allergic reaction, or have exceptionally dry skin, you’ll want to know about Lamelle Serra Soothing Cream. It contains a double dose of ceramides as well as patented anti-redness and anti-itch technology.

Another star product you’ll want in a dry and sensitive skin home care artillery is Serra Cleansing Gel. The former is a deliciously creamy-feeling soap-free cleanser specially formulated to carefully cleanse in a way that doesn’t strip away your skin’s newfound hydration.

But what if it’s seriously sensitive skin… 

Okay. So that’s the low down on sensitive skin. In short, it’s typically a symptom of an impaired barrier function. But what about sensitive skin syndrome (SSS)? In this case, you’re dealing with a medically diagnosable condition characterised by skin that often experiences sensations like burning, itchiness, tightness, and even pain despite no obvious trigger. In fact, a sufferer’s skin might not even show any visible symptoms, such as redness or dryness.

Much like migraines, doctor’s still don’t fully understand SSS but research suggests it’s a neurosensory condition caused by having too many overstimulated TRVP1 receptors in the deeper layers of your skin. In light of this new knowledge, Lamelle has created Serra NSB. (The NSB stands for “Neuro-Sensory Barrier”.) Its star ingredients inhibit the expression of TRVP1 in the skin while “putting out the fire” via a potent amino acid anti-inflammatory. It can also help repair any barrier issues, should the sufferer have one, thanks to Ceramide-P.

Ultimately, if you have dry skin, sensitive skin, or even SSS, Lamelle’s Serra collection includes a solution. Make an appointment to chat with one of our skincare therapists today who’ll be able to suggest the correct products that’ll help you get real relief.

Source: Lamelle


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