Best Times to Apply Moisturiser – The Inside Scoop


Best Times to Apply Moisturiser – The Inside Scoop


Knowing how and when to apply moisturiser is just as important as the actual moisturiser you use on your face and body. Keep reading to learn the best times to incorporate moisturiser into your skin care routine—and how to apply it—for your most gorgeous-looking skin yet.

Use Moisturiser…In the Morning

Set your skin up for success by moisturising before you head out for the day. Moisturising should be the last step in your skincare routine before applying makeup, so don’t forget to use a face cream or lotion before applying your Annique foundation or BB Cream.

Use a Moisturiser…When You’re Breaking Out

The first thing you may think when an unwanted breakout occurs is that you need to remove all moisture from your skin. And that’s totally the case, right? Wrong. In reality, drying out your complexion won’t do you any favours! Keeping your skincare routine consistent, including moisturising up to eight times a day, is always a good idea.

Use a Moisturiser…Before Doing Your Makeup for a Night Out

As we mentioned earlier, applying a moisturiser should be the final step in your skincare routine before you apply makeup. However, if you’re redoing your makeup for a night out—without repeating your skincare routine—it’s still important to moisturise. Using a facial moisturiser will hydrate and smooth out your skin, giving you the ideal complexion for applying your makeup look of choice. Seriously, try it!

Press moisturiser onto your face; do not rub it in:

  • Pressing a moisturiser onto your face is a super gentle and non-irritating way of moisturising
  • Pressing gives the skin a concentrated dose of moisturiser
  • More of the moisturiser gets into your skin rather than rubbed into your hands
  • Pressing pushes moisturiser ‘in’ rather than stretching your skin

What makes Annique’s moisturiser unique?

  1. It is developed and manufactured in South Africa, for South African skincare needs and requirements.
  2. Our bestselling moisturisers have been tried and trusted for 40 years!
  3. Rooibos contains youth-promoting, skin-soothing antioxidants.
  4. Moisturiser can be applied up to eight times during the day; not just in the morning and at night. Just like you drink water when you are thirsty, you need to apply moisturiser to your skin as often as it needs it.

Annique Moisturisers

Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin 50ml: For dry skin

Hydrafine Balancing Moisturiser 50ml: For normal, combination skin

Soothing Moisturiser 50ml: For sensitive skin

Moisture Shield SPF 8 50ml: For acne-prone skin

Source: Annique


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