Helase 50+ – More than Just a Sun Screen – DNA-Correcting Photo-Protection

Helase 50+

Helase 50+ – More than Just a Sun Screen – DNA-Correcting Photo-Protection

There’s no denying, we all want the elixir of life and to maintain our skin’s youthful, radiant, wrinkle and blemish-free condition for as long as possible. But the sad reality is, time and tide won’t wait, and with aging there is inevitable sagging, marking, and creasing to contend with. While little can stop the passage of time, all is not lost, for Helase 50+ – a DNA-correcting skin cream offers maximum protection, maximum repair, and with it fresh hope.

Most people don’t realise that what we think of as the symptoms of aging – are actually due to deep-seated damage inside our skin cells caused by years of sun exposure. Sunlight physically damages (breaks apart) or mutates skin DNA over time. To a large degree, preventing this damage is the reason we wear sunscreen. 

Conventional Sunscreens Fall Short

The problem with currently available sunscreens is they have been developed to protect human skin from the most obvious of solar insults: ultraviolet A and B radiation. But our skin is susceptible to all five radiation subtypes, including visible light (radiation) and Infrared-A, B, and C.

If the only way to slow down the ageing process is to protect our skin against all these solar onslaughts, and conventional sunscreen is capable of protecting us from only two of the five, the case for more effective protection has never been stronger. That and the fact that the incidence of skin cancer still continues to climb!

Recognising this unmet need, Lamelle Research Laboratories’s developed Helase 50+. Until now, sunscreen and antioxidants have been our only defense against DNA damage; there’s been no means of reversing already existing damage. But, with Helase 50, it’s possible to not only prevent, but also physically correct damaged DNA (Dangerous DNA breaks and “kinks” such as dimers which left untreated, can produce more ‘abnormal’ cells. Correction is, therefore, essential to return cell function to normal).

Helase 50+

Helase 50+ – More than Just a Sunscreen. Protects you what you don’t see

Classified as a photo-protection product, Helase 50 is the only available product that can minimze from the harmful effects of the full solar radiation spectrum.  It includes several trailblazing technologies that set it apart from conventional sunscreens. The secret weapon in its formulation – that which is responsible for the correction process – is photolyase, a powerful DNA-repairing enzyme that’s missing in humans, but occurs naturally in most animals and plants. While we can’t produce our own photolyase, our body knows what to do with it when it’s introduced topically to the skin and the results are astounding.

Another core ingredient often used in Lamelle products is Pycnogenol® (one of the most potent antioxidants available). Very simply, the inclusion of a Pycnogenol blend is what controls the inflammation typical from exposure and sunburn and it plays an important role in protecting the skin from damage.  There are several other enzymes, receptor inhibitors, and filters that have been researched, tested, formulated, and proven to deliver unprecedented protection.

Helase 50+ – How to Use it

Helase 50 has sunscreen filters and a ‘sunscreen’ SPF of 50+.It’s not waterproof and should be applied 10 – 15 minutes before exposure and re-applied 3 – 4 hourly if possible. There is no need to use a “regular” sunscreen if you use Helase 50 and it is fragrance-free. 

Anyone over the age of six months is a candidate for Helase 50+, but particularly those with fair skin, multiple sun spots, or a history of skin cancer. It’s the ideal product to use after you have had a moderate peel (once re-epithelialised), and post-laser therapy and IPL.

Quite simply – a revolution in skincare has begun with the introduction of Helase 50!

Source: Lamelle


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