Take advantage of incredible growth factors with Lamelle Dermaheal

Take advantage of incredible growth factors with Lamelle Dermaheal

When it comes to skincare, you’re probably using star active ingredients such as retinol and alpha hydroxy acids. However, have you ever thought about growth factors? As a relatively new entrant to the market, not everyone is aware of their amazing benefits. Moreover, many people still confuse them with stem cells. So let’s set the record straight and teach you how to create a skincare routine that’s cutting-edge.

It’s in the mail!

The growth factors are peptides – long strings of amino acids – that are abundant in the human body. They are responsible for relaying vital messages between cells such as “grow”, “repair”, and “rejuvenate”. This is accomplished by attaching themselves to receptors on your cells’ surfaces. Imagine growth factors as keys and the cell receptors as letterboxes with locks. When a growth factor meets a cell, the growth factor unlocks the letterbox and the message is delivered.

Our skin’s “postal system” is in good shape while we’re young. All mail gets delivered. Our cells are in peak condition. However, as we age, our bodies produce fewer growth factors. Also, the letterbox locks on your cell start to rust. Your skin begins to show the effects because fewer important messages are delivered. Less cell communication means less cell growth, and the skin appears thinner and laxer as a result.

Growth factors save the day

The loss of growth factors and visible signs of ageing used to be considered a consequence of ageing, similar to watching your hair turn grey. Thankfully, scientists have discovered that we can replicate growth factors, apply them topically, and reap their benefits thanks to incredible Nobel Prize-winning research. We know this because our Dermaheal range is full of them, and the results are impressive.

Since all Dermaheal products contain growth factors, these products can optimize the communication between your cells, allowing your skin to behave like young skin again. You will enjoy firmer, plumper, more youthful-looking skin as a result of a boom in collagen and elastin production. There is also the healing aspect. Among the growth factors in Dermaheal – the very factor that gave the range its name – is TGF-Beta3. The protein is extremely powerful, promoting scarless healing. Your skin hasn’t seen this since it was a child, which is even more incredible. Thanks to the wonders of modern science, your skin can now behave like it did when it was young.

Growth factors – where do they come from?

Bioengineers have successfully re-created your body’s growth factors through decades of research. Do these components contain human tissue? Most definitely not! The growth factors we use are made in a lab from selected amino acids and then modified so they are exactly like those in your body. Bio-identical means that since your body recognises them immediately, they get to work right away. They’ve been scientifically proven to be 100% safe.

Let’s reap the rewards together

Would you like to experience the rejuvenating power of growth factors for yourself? Our Dermaheal line is packed full of them. Our most popular Dermaheal product is Lamelle Ultra Renewal Cream, which contains 50% more growth factors than the other products in this range. The formulation also features wrinkle-busting retinol in a non-irritating form, hydrating hyaluronic acid fragments, and a patented cytokine complex. The latter is a sensational inflammation fighter, and this is important because, left unchecked, chronic low-level inflammation leads to inflammaging – prematurely aged skin. Chronic inflammation also allows acne to thrive and hyperpigmentation to flourish.

In other words, as you are reading this, your cells are slowly decaying. However, you need not accept it. With Dermaheal’s growth factors, you can achieve a more youthful and radiant appearance today!


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